Thursday, April 7, 2011


Comedy makes you think, but drama stirs my soul.  There is something about watching other actors perform that is inspiring.  To see another’s passion that they bring to the roll, it stirs my own passions.  I just finished watching Phaedra at the Clarence Brown Black Box Theatre.  It was a full house, I wasn’t even sure I’d get in since I hadn’t gotten my ticket ahead of time, but I did.  And I was moved.  I am moved.

Acting has always been my passion, the flame that burns in me, that keeps me going.  When I was ten, I wrote my mother a letter telling her that she needed to get me an agent.  I told her, the reason I was writing the letter instead of just telling her, was so that she’d know I was serious.  She didn’t get me an agent.  But when I was in High School and deciding about college, she did support me when I decided to get a BFA in Theatre.  I think I might’ve preferred the agent. 

So here I am, almost twenty years after that letter was written.  I am not a professional actor.  I miss acting.  I miss drama and new works, and ancient works, and performing something that I am passionate about.  I miss the voice of Jim Spruill in the background with his “oh yeah” and his “uh-huh”.  That feeling of knowing that you’ve captured your audience and you hold them in your hands and it’s your job to take them on an incredible journey.  Since graduating college I have mostly done comedy on stage.  Comedy is what people come to see, comedy is what sells.  And I do believe that comedy has its place in theatre, don’t get me wrong, I love comedy.  Comedy does make you think, and that is so important in life.  Christopher Durang, you are one of the best examples of this I can think of.  I just miss drama.  I am not performing with Shakespeare on the Square this summer, and I am a bit sad about that as I was excited about finally getting to sink my teeth into some Shakespeare.  

Ah well, hopefully this opens my summer up to find something else that can stir my soul and let me move people.