Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Once a week or so, I go online and read blogs.  Most of the blogs I read are blogs of people I know.  It’s pretty cool to hear about what’s going on in their lives, even though we live on opposite sides of the country, or even when we live on the same side but aren’t in touch that much anymore.  I enjoy this. 

Today I was reading “Unbounded Mama” and Angie talked about new beginnings in September.  This really resonates with me, especially because my birthday is at the beginning of September.  I used to think this was a bad thing.  Growing up in New England, school starts in the beginning of September and of course with all the hubbub surrounding the beginning of school, back to school clothing, supplies, haircuts, etc.  Often my friends would forget my birthday or didn’t even realize it was my birthday.  I learned to let it go, and now if people forget, I don’t sweat it.  It has made me extra conscious about trying to remember other’s birthdays though.  I know how great it feels when you get a happy birthday from someone you haven’t talked to in a long while.  Even if that’s the only call/text/card/e-card/email you get from them every year, it’s nice to know that they remembered and took the time to wish you well.

Angie said “January first has nothing on September” and I agree, so I’m making this my new year’s celebration.  Typically spring is thought of as the time for new beginnings and fall is when things come to an end, but I think in the south it’s the opposite.  Fall is when we can finally go outside and not be covered in a fine sheen of sweat by the time we make it to the driveway.  Fall, winter and spring are the outdoor seasons here.  So different from Utah where if you didn’t ski, winter was the time to hunker down and hibernate.  Eat lots of carbs and add on an extra layer of fat under that sweater to hopefully help keep you warm.  Here, it is time to go outside and explore!  No more mosquitoes and water filled air (they call it humidity, but I think “water filled air” is a more accurate description), time to go outside without slathering on the bug spray.  Look out world, here I come!

Now let’s see, New Year’s Resolutions…
1. To eat less fat.
2. To climb, dance, love, give and write more
3. To finish my play
4. To say NO in order to say YES
5. To be more direct.
6. To go to Yoga and find my balance
7. To age gracefully
8. To drink more water.

So here goes.  This time next year I will be more… more me.  And you are invited to the journey.

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